Neon Icon Album Leak

Riff Raff – Neon Icon Full Album Download (2014)

Riff Raff - Neon Icon Full Album Download


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  1.  Introducting the Icon
  2. Kokayne
  3. Wetter Than Tsunami
  4. Jody 3 Moons (Skit)
  5. Versace Python
  6. Lava Glaciers (Ft. Childish Gambino)
  7. Tip Toe Wing in My Jawwdinz
  8. Maybe You Love Me (Ft. Mike Posner)
  9. Aquaberry Dolphin (Ft. Mac Miller)
  10. The Bloomingdales at Windshire Palace (Skit)
  11. Time
  12.  How to Be the Man
  13.  Cool It Down (Ft. Amber Coffman)
  14. Vip Pass To My Heart
  15.  How to Be the Man (Houston Remix) (Ft. Slim Thug & Paul Wall)


Four days before the official release date of neon icon published riff raff a stream on Soundcloud, with the entire album can be heard in advance already.

Neon icon should appear after several postponements on the 24th of June. Feature guests are childish Gambino, Mac Miller, and Paul Wall, among others. Slim Thug, Mike Posner and amber Coffman are also represented on the Panel. Among other things DJ mustard and Diplo have produced.

After Raff’s album “Neon icon” for autumn reef last year and then April of this year announced was the album now on 24 June 2014 to get on the market.

Diplo, Harry Fraud and DJ mustard have contributed among other things to. Also has riff raff a colorful variety of artists to be flocked. Childish Gambino, Mac Miller, Paul Wall, Slim Thug, Mike Posner and amber Coffman support the Texan.

A new album was ahead of new account to the physical format and can now be heard in full; This time it’s the new material of the rapper Texan Horst Christian Simco, better known as RiFF RAFF.
For this new material, RiFF RAFF had collaborations with Mac Miller, Mike Posner, Childish Gambino, Slim Thug, Paul Wall, among others; but that is not all, because in the part of the production, of Houston nor stayed in solitude, since that party was assisted by Harry Fraud, Diplo, DJ Mustard, as well as others.
So if you bring desire to get into the rap, the 15 tracks of ‘ NEON iCON’ which will be officially released on June 24, are the choice to experience it in all its shades, and they can do so by clicking below.

The expected “NEON iCON” RiFF Raff has suffered many delays but it seems that finally the album is completely ready to go on sale June 24.

A few days ago we could know the full list of topics of work, in which there will be guests of the stature of Childish Gambino, Paul Wall, Mac Miller or Mike Posner, among others. On the other hand, Diplo, Harry Fraud or DJ Mustard have already confirmed their respective stakes in what refers to the music section.

We’ll see how it goes it to the Texas with “NEON iCON” after casting a few days ago a new preview of the disk in the form of corresponding to the theme “How To Be The Man” music video.